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06 Sep 2015
Best laptop for music production
Wanna go mobile which has a powerful recording machine? Yes, the top laptop for music production... they certainly exist however you must make sure you obtain the most appropriate one. I am aware them all, good and bad so hear me out.

laptops for music production
Lots of people are going mobile these days and I did a similar thing a while ago... I left my big old computer for any sleek brand new laptop, it had been a Mac Powerbook being exact.

Back in the day that if you are intent on recording in your home studio on the computer you pretty much was required to opt for a tower, or desktop to consume enough power to run your audio recording software package. Well, over the last few years some manufactures have really put some effort into getting that very same power that was only found on the big towers within their laptops and a few of those have even made specialized models designed for music production.

Now while i discuss the best laptop for music I don't mean the one which carries a great couple of robust built-in speakers to start your mp3's! We are talking about the best laptop for music production so let's please take a peak under the hood shall we?

You can not spend $500 on a single computer a college kid does and have a powerful enough recording machine. A standard laptop these days could have something like this:

 Intel core i3 2.26 GHz processor
 4GB of RAM
 SATA 5400 RPM Hard Drive
 14" Display

And minimal external ports aside from a couple of USB ports. Compare those specs to something like the Roc Box Laptop created by PCAudioLabs:

 Intel Core i5 2.40GHz (520) Processor
 up to 8GB of RAM
 SATA2 7200rpm Harddrive
 15.6" Display

So when far as external ports which can be very necessary in your studio... 1 eSATA port, 2 Firewire 400 ports, 3 USB ports, 2 channel HD audio with 3D stereo enhanced sound system.

The most important differences allow me to share very key stuff that you'll notice when recording...

Slightly faster processor, double the RAM (this can be huge), the tough Drive speed of 7200 is mandatory for the majority of recording programs, and naturally any additional ports, above all Firewire. The PCAudioLab Rok Box Mobile Laptop HD Computer rivals many of the Rok Box desktop models which are also designed specifically with music production in mind.


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